Sunday, 9 September 2012

London 2012: Our British summer of discovery

London 2012 was a summer of discovery. And like so many watching the Paralympics closing ceremony tonight I’ve been reflecting on what we learnt.
I haven’t got the last word and I don’t want it. This is a conversation that’s just started. So here’s my starter for ten, with a bit of help from Ade Adepitan who summed it up so beautifully in response to Clare Balding as the show came to a close.
·         We learnt to be a glass half full. Optimism makes all the difference.
·         We learnt to show our feelings. There’s nothing like a good cry.
·         We learnt to have a sense of humour. There’s nothing like a good laugh.
·         We learnt that equality isn’t a fringe issue. It’s a birthright.
·         We learnt that being proud of Britain is okay It’s about patriotism not nationalism.
·         We learnt that sport doesn’t discriminate. So we shouldn’t.
·         We learnt that the BBC and Channel 4 are both great. They're both British.
·         We learnt more about our place in the 21st century world. Not empire but inspire.
·         We learnt that sport gives us hope. And hope gives us belief.
·         And with belief anything is possible (thanks Ade)
And as Bonnie Greer reminded us recently, if we’ve learnt anything about the audacity of hope, surely it’s that we are the hope.
So let’s make sure London 2012 really does inspire a generation. Join the conversation. It starts now. I'm going to.

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